If you are interested in commissioning a painting, pls email me at elepack@gmail.com


Here are some testimonials from previous clients:

In February 2016, I was supremely lucky to be given a commission to produce nine original paintings, for the cruise ship "Ovation of the Seas".

Working in close collaboration with Ally Millard and partners, who were tackling the mammoth task of commissioning, and installing all the artwork, commissioned for this enormous boat, I produced paintings for different areas of the ship. These photos show the paintings that were installed in the restaurant.

"Here is Midnight Fireflies in all its beauty in this morning's light. Detlev absolutely love love loves it and he sees in it all those wonderful creatures in the deep ocean, which I totally see too.

Thank you so so much; it's absolutely perfect. We're not going to frame it because the grey on the sides makes it look wonderful as-is.

You.are.amazing ;) "



"When we found Ele's work after 2 years of hunting for something and someone that could make our newly-built home extra personal and special, we knew we had found the best possible artist. From the moment I met you, I knew you would create something very 'you' and yet something so very 'us'. You listened to everything we said we wanted - the colours; the subtle introduction of flowers; the surroundings in our home; and working with you throughout was such an exciting time, watching the painting develop from afar, with your constant feedback and photos of the work in progress, from blank canvas to the masterpiece itself. To then receive it here in Berlin so perfectly packaged in a wooden box built for purpose just a matter of a few weeks later after meeting you and commissioning was so goosebump-fabulous!

Thank you so much; it brings us so much happiness and the number of 'wows' we get from friends and family who visit is testament to the effort and beauty you poured into it. I would recommend you, Ele, to anyone."



"I just wanted to thankyou for creating “Wonderland” and enabling us to buy it.

I think you totally understand what this painting means to me and how much joy and pleasure it will bring to my life.

Keep doing your amazing and beautiful work”


Client who bought "Wonderland"        Jan 2016



"The painting arrived and it is so LOVELY.

It's already hanging and Kim is in love with it.

Thank you for your kindness and thank Ele for her gift that brings joy."


Clients in LA

Painting "Magic Fireflies" bought as anniversary gift for client's wife.

September 2015



"Entwined" small painting sold to couple in Hove Oct 2015





" It's hard to put this into words because Ele's painting just makes me happy and I still can't quite believe it's mine. It's her but it's a painting, which sounds silly. It's deep and warm and there is nothing harsh. It all flows, every layer and every shape and every colour and every tone “


Client from Brighton 2014




"Caroline and I felt so lucky to get this picture, called Your History, but we weren't certain exactly how it would look when we got it hanging up in our lounge. As is turned out, it fitted in perfectly and immediately lit up the room. Everyone who visits us admires this lovely painting."

AC who bought from SaatchiArt in 2014










" Ele's paintings, especially the first two horse paintings i bought at a show in Brighton a few years back, bring me joy each day. I pass them in my hall and i reconnect to what matters to me; I'm taken out of the everyday and led willingly into a less frantic world where rhythm, pattern and colour  lift my spirit. I think Ele's gentle and reflective nature is mirrored in the paintings so they are imbued with this peacefulness and connection. Thank you Ele"

From a client who bought work from the Brighton Art Fair in 2010.





"Goodbye Valentino" in it's new home in LA. Looks v settled & happy there : )

Thought I'd share this lovely testimonial & photos from the super talented interior designer Susan Venn. You can see more of her work at www.susanvenn.com

‘Ele Pack’s balance of colour and texture with a contemporary focus on nature is truly mesmerising. Her ability to blend warm colours with touches of metallics attracted me to using her work in my interior design projects. Whether the base is light and delicate or rich and deep the effect always provides a perfect balance of texture and movement’
Susan Venn - Susan Venn Design
Photography - Nick Smith

Wendy in situ.jpg




"I am the proud and lucky owner of three Ele Pack paintings.  Ele has an amazing feel for colour; her combinations work beautifully.  In combination with the delicate use of texture and line, the images come alive.  I see something new every time I look at them.  Brave Horse holds a special place in my heart, as I bought it with some money that my Nan left me.  It reminds me of her bravery and the fact that it was painted by a lovely lady makes it all the more special.  Eles' paintings go from strength to strength and are always enchanting."

Lovely review from friend & customer, who has bought work over the last six years.